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Bike loans & finance – what are your options?

Bike loans have become more and more popular recently with many young riders coming to us who have been turned away by their bank or building society for the loan they need. Often we speak with riders who are young and have little or no credit history.

We work alongslide a number of leading lenders who offer loans for buying a new or used motorbike. As summer approaches the idea of owning a bike becomes more popular and we see the interest in bike loans start to increase around spring time going all the way through to around August.

Bike loans with a guarantor

Bike loans with poor credit
Bike loans with poor credit

We have a section of 2-3 motocycle lenders who will offer loans for buying a bike or motorcyle with a guarantor in place. This means if you are a young rider with little or no credit history, or a rider with a bad credit history you can still get a reasonably priced loan with the help of a guarantor.

These types of “guarantor” loans are more expensive, however do provide an option if you wish to borrow between £500 and £5000 over 12 – 42 months.

I need a bike loan what can I do?

We deal directly with the most popular bike loan lenders, and those who offer loans to adverse application also. If you are looking to buy a bike and need a loan then please give the office a call and we can provide you with a quote and loan offer within 2-3 hours during office times.

You can see our current range of motorbike finance on offer at: